At least 40 Oathkeepers were seen at the rally. 13 Oathkeepers have been charged with a crime, but the leader, Stewart Rhodes, has not been charged.

A large percentage of Oathkeepers have tactical training and operational experience in law enforcement or the military.

“We already have men stationed outside Washington D.C. in case they try to remove the President illegally. We will step in and stop it.” – Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers leader

“The fight’s coming.” – Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers leader

Last Sept., ten Oathkeepers showed up at a Black Lives Matter protest in Arizona.

Oathkeepers Arizona chapter President Jim Arroyo told CBS that law enforcement coordinated with Oathkeepers to keep the peace.

“We have active duty law enforcement in our organization. We can blend in with law enforcement.” – Jim Arroyo, President of the Arizona Chapter of nationwide Oathkeepers.

“We need to be ready for a civil war – this can happen.” – Jim Arroyo, President of the largest chapter of Oathkeepers in America.

“I think we’re in the middle of a civil war right now. We’ve got good versus evil in our country. They’re trying to change our constitution.” Kathy, Oathkeepers member.

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