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Amid aggressive enforcement of minor offenses, most victims don’t report crimes to police and fewer than 25 percent of reported crimes are solved by arrest.

SOMEONE IS ARRESTED in the United States every three seconds. While arrests are the first entryway into a criminal justice system most acknowledge is in dire need of reform, we know remarkably little about who is arrested, where, and why. Advocates and legislators have pushed in recent years for policy changes at various points of the justice process, from pretrial to sentencing, but arrests remain one of the largest and least scrutinized contributors to the country’s mass incarceration and policing crises.

The FBI and Bureau of Justice Statistics collect arrest data from the country’s 18,000 law enforcement agencies — but those agencies self-report on a voluntary basis, and there are significant disparities in the information they share. The data, for the most part, remains inaccessible to the broader public, and statistics on crime are isolated from data about the effectiveness of enforcement.

In an effort to better inform conversations about criminal justice, a team of researchers from the Vera Institute of Justice, a nonprofit research and policy organization, took more than two years to combine eight different federal databases into a tool that allows users to analyze arrest trends at the national, state, and county levels against a series of variables, including offense types, demographic factors, and solved crimes.

The project was born “out of

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White Establishment Media and Their “Police Experts” Confused About Police Brutality/Murder

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I watched CNN and MSNBC’s coverage of police brutality and murder and it’s very disturbing how these networks, their anchors and so-called “police experts” mislead viewers by omitting the most important and most relevant of legal facts and processes available to the victims and surviving families of police brutality and murder. First of all CNN and MSNBC should not allow their anchors to pontificate aimlessly, endlessly regarding police brutality/murder cases, since their anchors are not federal civil/criminal attorneys. These anchors and self-proclaimed “police experts” most of the time do more harm than good by either misleading or misinforming the viewer, or most of all: they completely omit the facts and processes regarding civil and criminal prosecution of police officers, supervisors, city managers and their failed, negligent municipal policies literally killing its citizens.

I never, ever hear – not even once have I ever heard ANYONE on CNN or MSNBC explain a person’s access-to-courts rights; I never hear them explain the constitutional and statutory duties that officers (and any other person acting under color of law) owe to any person they encounter in the course of their employment;

White Establishment Media (WEM)

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Cop Leaves His Naked 8-yr. old Daughter In His Car while he drank in bar…stilll has his job.

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Judge orders release of video in case of NC officer who left child alone, naked in car

Posted: Jan 22, 2020

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – A judge ordered the release of body camera video that shows the moments that led to a police lieutenant’s suspension.

We fought in court for the release of body camera video that shows what happened when Wilmington police Lieutenant Matthew Malone’s daughter, who was left naked under a blanket and alone in a car in a bar’s parking lot, cried out for help.

Someone heard the 8-year-old and called 911. It happened outside Ogden Tap Room during the establishment’s Oktoberfest celebration.

Early this month, we learned Wilmington police suspended Lt. Malone after an internal investigation. Today, he is back on the job, according to WPD.

We argued to a judge the release of the video was in the public’s interest because we heard from hundreds of community members after WECT first broke the story in October.

Many were concerned that the lieutenant received special treatment in this case as a member of the law enforcement community. Some also asked about the judgement of the lieutenant who is tasked with, at times, responding to calls involving children.

Because Judge Phyllis Gorham ruled in our favor, you can see what happened during the call and decide for yourself.

The judge made a few stipulations about the release of the video. Judge Gorham ordered the faces and voices

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Police Excuse #2 – “I killed him because he appeared to be on drugs and I feared for my life”

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Police know how to game the system. Police know how to get away with murder by providing the right excuse to avoid prosecution for murder.

Too many times police have killed a person and the excuse the police give is “He appeared to be on drugs and I feared for my life.”

Countless police reports are written citing “excited delirium” as the contributing cause of death.

“Excited delirium” is NOT a medical term, but instead an invented, made-up white racist term police use to attempt to justify their beatings and killings of their victims.

In Denver Colorado Elijah McClain was simply walking home from the store when a police officer literally jumped McClain and supervised the murder of McClain.

Elijah was described by police in their reports as experiencing “excited delirium.” Police request paramedics to inject McDaniels with a dose of Keratin, which killed McClain.

Paramedics injected over twice the amount of Keratin recommended for Elijah’s body weight.

Aurora police and paramedics made substantial errors at nearly every stage of their interaction with Elijah McClain.

Aurora detectives tasked with investigating the incident stretched the truth to exonerate the officers involved, an independent investigation found.

Aurora police did not have a legal basis to force McClain to stop walking, to detain him, to frisk him or to use a chokehold on him, according to the investigation commissioned by the city released on Monday.

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