Police Are Trained to Kill – Not to Wound or Disable

A reporter asked Columbus, Ohio Chief of Police Michael Woods why didn’t the officer shoot her (16-yr. old b/f Makhia Bryant) in the leg or shoot to wound instead of to kill?

“Firearms training is you fire until the threat is over. Training is you fire until you stop the threat. We don’t train to shoot the leg because that’s a small target. We train to shoot center mass – what is available to stop that threat. There was a threat of deadly force going on, so the officer is trained to shoot center mass, the largest part of the body available to them.”

Columbus, Ohio Chief of Police Michael Woods

“No! You ain’t shoot my f—ing baby,” a man at the scene is heard screaming after Reardon fires four shots and hits Bryant.

“Are you f—ing serious?” the man, who was not identified, is heard screaming. “You shot my baby. Are you f—ing kidding me? Are you f—ing serious?”

“She had a knife,” Reardon is heard saying. “She just went at her.”

“She’s a f—ing kid, man,” the man responds. “Man, are you stupid? A f—ing kid?”

Bodycams from the other officers at the scene capture the chaos that followed the shooting, with bystanders berating cops.

“You are a selfish son of a bitch for shooting that girl,” one man tells cops.

Another reporter asked Columbus Chief of Police Woods, “Why didn’t the officer at least warn her that he was going to shoot her if she didn’t stop?” Chief Woods replied: “Officers are not required to warn anyone before officers shoot anyone.”

Officer Nicholas Reardon shot 16-yr. old Makhia Bryant to death four times 22 seconds after he got out of his patrol car; shot her in the chest as she lay on the ground.

In the cop bodycam video you can see a man chasing Makhia away from the house with another woman attacking Makhia; those two persons stepped back as Makhia tumbled down to the ground, whereupon Officer Reardon summarily shot her to death four times.

Over 50 years ago we sent men to the moon and now in 2021 we put vehicles and drones on Mars; but when it comes to servicing the community’s mental health needs, police apparently believe they MUST KILL, NOT WOUND; MUST KILL, NOT USE NON-LETHAL FORCE.

We need the White House to announce a contest to produce the best non-lethal weapon possible.

We need a non-lethal weapon a person can carry to protect oneself. Police need a better non-lethal weapon instead of Police Tasers, which should be barred from police use do to the high number of Taser-induced heart attacks and seizures.

Americans need a really effective, true non-lethal weapon anyone can use to protect oneself, instead of carrying guns and steel bullets which kill.


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