White Establishment Media and Their “Police Experts” Confused About Police Brutality/Murder

I watched CNN and MSNBC’s coverage of police brutality and murder and it’s very disturbing how these networks, their anchors and so-called “police experts” mislead viewers by omitting the most important and most relevant of legal facts and processes available to the victims and surviving families of police brutality and murder. First of all CNN and MSNBC should not allow their anchors to pontificate aimlessly, endlessly regarding police brutality/murder cases, since their anchors are not federal civil/criminal attorneys. These anchors and self-proclaimed “police experts” most of the time do more harm than good by either misleading or misinforming the viewer, or most of all: they completely omit the facts and processes regarding civil and criminal prosecution of police officers, supervisors, city managers and their failed, negligent municipal policies literally killing its citizens.

I never, ever hear – not even once have I ever heard ANYONE on CNN or MSNBC explain a person’s access-to-courts rights; I never hear them explain the constitutional and statutory duties that officers (and any other person acting under color of law) owe to any person they encounter in the course of their employment;

White Establishment Media (WEM)

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